Vineyard San Bernardino

After 36 years of wonderful ministry, Vineyard Christian Fellowship of San Bernardino has completed it's mission and is closing. We celebrate the people and lives that have been touched, set free and healed. Blessings to all!

The Vineyard Christian Fellowship of San Bernardino enjoyed fellowship in the Association of Vineyard Churches, USA, founded by John Wimber. Vineyard Churches are noted for a simple yet expressive Bible teaching with an emphases on the finished works of Jesus Christ and the continuing ministry of the Holy Spirit, along with an intimate music/worship style, and the noticeable presence of God. Indications of God's presence are what the Bible calls "signs and wonders", and often occur both within and outside of church gatherings. "Signs and wonders" at times may include physical healings, emotional healings, prophetic encouragement, along with many of the other "sign gifts" found in the Bible.

In the mid 1980s, while a "Kinship" (the Gathering of a "Vineyard" family of Christian believers), Dick and Martha Young became the senior pastors of Vineyard Christian Fellowship of San Bernardino. The kinship moved from Pastor Dick and Martha's home in San Bernardino to the YWCA San Bernardino facility, and then to the YMCA San Bernardino facility, to become Vineyard Christian Fellowship of San Bernardino. Later the church found a home on E-Street in San Bernardino, California.

Known for a simple intimate worship style, a friendly no hype Bible presentation, and a caring time of prayer and encouragement, the "Fellowship" often experienced captivating times of the presence and giftings of the Lord.

Pastor Dick and Martha's care and compassion for hurting people became obvious early-on in the fruit of his one-on-one and group counseling ministry style. Many people experienced the freedom and the love of God from his compassionate counseling ministry. Dick's love and compassion has also been revealed by his desire to meet the basic needs of people including food, clothing, and even in past times sheltering in his home.

Shepherding The Flock -

Dick & Martha Young - Senior Pastors (Retired)

Teaching, Counseling, Pantry Ministry, Church Administration

Nick & Yolanda McGowan

Teaching, Worship Team, Church Administration

Eric & Brenda Newton

Teaching, Worship Team, Media Support, Pantry Ministry

Greg & Jan Fangerow

Teaching, Worship Team, Media Support, Church Administration

Albert & Chris Solaro

Teaching, Pantry Ministry

Ayobisi Ogunlade & Family

Seun, Nike, Deborah, Seyi

Teaching, Prayer Ministry

Jeff & Diane Larson

Worship Team, Church Administration

Bob Smith 1956-2020

Teaching, Worship Team, Church Administration

Thank you, Bob!